87,000 STEM Scholarships For US Students Sponsored Annually Thanks to H-1B Visa Fees

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Forbes reveals that companies "pay a scholarship and training fee of $1,500 for each initial H-1B petition (and extension) which has amassed about $5B since 1999. About 30% of these funds goes to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to sponsor STEM scholarships for US students, 10% goes to support a program for K-12 students and teachers in science, and finally 50% go to the Department of Labor (DOL) for training purposes of US workers. The Typical Student team learned how H-1B visa fees help to allocate 87,000 in colleg scholarships for US students. 

How Many US Students Have Benefitted From H-1B Visa Fees? 


h1-b-visa-college-scholarships-01Source: Forbes

Let's take a look at a brief statistic to learn the number of US students who have benefitted from the H-1B visa fees:

  • 87,890 students have received scholarships ranging from one to four years between 1999-2018.
  • College scholarship amount is up to $10,000 per year for a STEM student in US.
  • Employer-paid H-1B fees have supported 1,052,365 K-12 students in science and 55,223 teachers.


Employee Training 



US companies allocate more than $87B annually on training for employees, according to 2018 Training Industry Report. In total, these fees have funded about $2.5B in training grants distributed by the Department of Labor. The Trump administration’s budget for fiscal year 2020 has proposed doubling the $1,500 scholarship and training fee to $3,000. Forbes experts believe an H-1B visa to be "the only practical way for an employer to hire a high-skilled foreign national." This includes an international student, to work long-term in the United States. 


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