9 TOP Before And After Dorm Memes Made by Students That Went VIRAL on Twitter

3 years ago



Needless to say, by default your dorm room can never look eye-catching. It’s just a boring space, which contains only necessary goods. For these simple reasons, every future student starts their academic year not with studying but with dorm shopping. Don’t be upset with the way your dorm look. Instead, the Typical Student team recommends you to focus on the way your dorm MAY look!

In this post, the Typical Student team selected for you 9 top before and after dorm memes. Gently speaking, not each of them is true but it’s doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious!

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Viral Dorm Room Transformation 

Unfortunately, not every college residence allow free coffee makers and that’s how you can fix it. 


This one is made by Texas student @madisyn_blayne. She became viral after the gorgeous transformation of her dorm room. As always, soon there appeared more before and after dorm room memes.


The Way Twitterverse Reacts

Here are 8 more dorm room memes made by students you should definitely check out!


Credits: @lanipastrami


Credits: @afee_ra


Credits: @rosesmcu


Credits: @cambinobandito


Credits: @m_goldstine27


Credits: @tyesheriidan


Credits: @ImClearlyGreat


Credits: @melmadara

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