95 Empty Shoes Used By University of Nottingham Student Union To Highlight Student Suicide Problem

3 years ago



Sadly, student mental health issues often result in suicide, so raising awareness is crucial to attract maximum attention to these problems. UK students have donated 95 empty shoes for a display representng the number of students that committed suicide in 2017/18 in England and Wales. They Typical Student team learned more about the display.


Students' Union's Suicide Awareness Week



As told by The Tab, the display outsde Portland University was set up within the Students' Union's Suicide Awareness Week. The goal is to raise awareness and collect signatures on a student petition initiated by The University of Nottingham Students Union to get more mental health support from the university.  The Students' Union Suicide Awareness Week ends this Friday with a 95 second silence in memory of the 95 lives lost. The ceremony is taking place at the Djangogly terrace,  12PM. 


University of Nottingham Students Union Raising Awareness On Student Suicide




Members of the UONSU commented on the student suicide problem as follows: "We can no longer ignore the conversation of suicide and mental health; we must start talking about it and start to use our voices to make a change." Most universities choose not to publicise student death, so student suicide doesn't get enough coverage.  Feel free to turn to the UONSU website for advice about personal health and well-being.  



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