Adult Film Actress, 19, Claims She 'Made As Much As Mia Khalifa' In One Month

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A few days ago, Mia Khalifa shared the shocking truth about her earnings in the adult industry. Turns out, in her three-month career in porn, her overall earnings were approximately $12,000 (£9,950). Khalifa wanted the world to know that being a porn star doesn't nearly equal to being a millionaire. In the light of Khalifa's announcement, her fellow Pornhub star has disclosed the information about her earnings in the industry. The Typical Student team learned if being a porn star is a viable career path. 


How Much Can You Earn In Porn Industry?



Stephanie Vixen, 19, an 'amateur adult film star' started a Reddit thread where she explained she earned 'as much as Mia Khalifa in one month than she did in her entire career'. Stephanie just wanted to make a point that one "can make good money in the porn industry." She commented on the sources of her income in the porn industry: "I have filmed for Brazzers and they paid once per scene. When I upload my own content to platforms like Pornhub, I constantly make passive income off of views (ad revenue). Or people buy my videos through Modelhub."



So, basically, as long as her videos are put up on the Pornhub platform and she gets the money for views and ads, she has a passive income "unless she decides to delete her content after she stops or people just stop watching it."


Career Perspectives




In spite of the fact, Stephanie earns impressive sums of money doing porn, she treats it a 'side hustle,' rather than a full-blown career. In the future, she sees herself as a nail technician: "I remember my first acrylic set in 4th grade, from then on I've always been obsessed with the whole process." 

Stephanie also shared how she got into porn: "Initially my boyfriend just asked me and said we could try to make some extra cash. We just thought it would be fun, and it has been! I don't think we will have any issues with it in the future."

Ms. Vixen says for women it's hard to stay relevant in the industry, as you always have to keep pace with the big names: 

"If you have a goal set and are self-motivated to work on your own time. It's not glitz and glamour starting porn. There's lots of planning."

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