Scandalous Story About Al-Azhar Student Expelled For Hugging Found Happy Ending (VIDEO INSIDE)

3 years ago



This story happened in Egypt. A prestigious uni expelled a female student because she hugged a male colleague. Needless to say, this story quickly went viral and caused a huge scandal. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more details!


The University

So, we are talking about Al-Azhar which is the most prestigious seat of Sunni Islamic learning in Egypt. This Monday, the institution wanted to expel a female student who hugged a young man on public. According to the officials, the girl was undermining the school's reputation. Her actions were filmed on video that also went viral very fast.


The Result





Well, Al-Azhar finally changed their decision, after the country's top Muslim cleric intervened in her favor. They promised to "reconsider the punishment". However, the girl still should be prevented from taking the first half of her exams.


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