Angry Mother Smacks Two Female Students With A Slipper While They’re Twerking On Camera (VIRAL VIDEO)

3 years ago



Twerking has been a trend for quite some time now. Seems like you see it everywhere! Music videos, dance challenges, and whatnot. These two teen girls decided to spice up their summer holidays with a little twerking on camera, and here’s what happened. The Typical Student team just got hands on this hilarious footage!


The video footage shows two girls, presumably, high school students, doing some twerking routines on camera with sultry Spanish music playing in the background. Apparently, the teens were aiming to perfect their moves and show them off to their YouTube audience.




However, things went south when the middle-aged woman, presumably, their mother, showed up in the room. By her expression, it’s pretty clear she’s not the fan of the frivolous dance style. So she decided to teach the girls a lesson while also holding the laundry.




The climax of the footage is when a furious mother takes off one of her slippers to smack both of the shocked girls. What’s even funnier, the woman is still holding the laundry in her other hand!


The girls in the video didn’t see that coming and look shocked their mother isn’t as fond of twerking as they are! After smacking the girls across the back, the woman uses her hip to shove over the girl closest to the camera. See the hilarious video:

Social Media Reaction


Believe it or not, a lot of internet users supported the angry mum’s practices! The video went viral online, particularly on social media! People praised the woman's 'multi-tasking' commenting something like 'I love that she didn’t even put down the laundry'.


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