Annika Worland MISSING: Student from Bexley, Greenwich MIA Since August 24, 2018

3 years ago



Annika Worland, 16, student from Bexley, Greenwich, has been missing in action since August 24, 2018. Police and family are pleading for help from anyone who has information about Annika’s possible whereabouts. The Typical Student team is sending prayers and hopes for the teen’s soonest return.



Here’s what you should know about Annika Worland:

  1. Annika Worland was last seen at 6:30PM on Friday, 24 August when she was leaving her family address in Bexleyheath. The police suppose she might be in the Bexley, Greenwich or Dartford areas.
  2. The teen is described as a white female, 5’4” tall, medium build, shoulder-length blonde hair.
  3. It is believed, Annika might be using the name ‘Sophie’.
  4. Annika hasn’t been in contact with her family ever since she disappeared. The police officers are concerned for her  wellbeing.

annika-worland-missing-from-bexley-uk-02If you have any information about Annika Worland, please call the police at Bexley missing persons unit 0208 284 9207 or 07774286077

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