TERRIFYING News: Another High School Student Football Player Dies on The Field

3 years ago



We all remember the story of Jordan McNair - the Maryland student, who died after the game. This time, the same thing happened to Dylan Thomas, who lived in Georgia. That’s what the Typical Student team is going to talk about in this post.


About The Football Player


Dylan Thomas was 16 y.o. The fellow went to the high school in Williamson, Georgia. He was the junior for the Pike County Pirates.


The Final Game


Friday night, Dylan came out of a game. The coach said the reason was just a leg injury. However, while the coach was talking to the local doctor, the student became incoherent and then passed out.


Soon, DylanDylan was transported to WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital. He was also airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. However, the student was pronounced dead from a head injury.

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