Anti-Bullying Video Made By Ex-Student Reaches 3,5M In 3 Weeks

3 years ago



This anti-bullying music video went extremely viral. However, it caused a scandal because of the gun scene. Today, the Typical Student team will provide you with more details.


The Creator





So, this music video was made by ex-student, Nico DeGiacomo. He graduated from Westerly High School. Nico’s rapper name is “Mass of Man.” The man released his song and music video called “Victims” at the end of 2018. As you can see, the main purpose was to bring anti-bullying awareness to the public.

“I felt like a victim growing up in school,” says Nico. “I got picked on, teased, even though I’m a big guy I never really stood up for myself.”


The Reaction



It took the video only 3 weeks to reach more than 3.5 million views! “I was expecting to have a lot of hate and a lot of people liking it,” comments Nico. “I knew it was a controversial topic.”

He also highlights that “the gun scene was not filmed there just want to clarify that with people.” It was made at a studio in Massachusetts.



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