Now Every US School And College Should Have A Dog On Campus To Cure Student’s Stress

3 years ago



In 2018, the Typical Student team already told you that animals can ease student’s back-to-school routine. Looks like, in 2019, every school, college, and uni needs an aminal as stress-buster.


The University of Buckingham





According to Sir Anthony Seldon, the University of Buckingham vice-chancellor, these days, any school should have a dog or another pet to reduce stress in the classroom.


"It is a powerfully cost-effective way of helping children feel more secure at schools," Sir Anthony adds.


The recent conference showed that Sir Anthony is not the only person who thinks that pets can improve young people's sense of wellbeing. For example, Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary said that ‘more schools seem to have wellbeing dogs and the pets can really help."


The Education Conference





At the same time, the University of Buckingham's Ultimate Wellbeing in Education Conference investigated the connection between student’s stresses and animals. They tried to figure out the best ways to respond to the stresses and anxieties modern students experience.

Seeing that, Sir Anthony suggested a nice way to reduce anxiety - the presence of animals on campus.


"The quickest and biggest hit that we can make to improve mental health in our schools and to make them feel safe for children, is to have at least one dog in every single school in the country," said Sir Anthony.


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