The Apology Note From Thief To Student Went Viral

2 years ago



This story happened to one student who received an interesting message after his flatmate's laptop got stolen. It was the email with apologies! And it went viral on Twitter, so let the Typical Student team share more details with you!


Original Story









As we have already said, it happened to a student who shared an amusing story about how his flatmate's laptop got stolen on Twitter. Twitter user named Stevie Valentine suddenly received an email from the thief who was apologizing. Unexpectedly, the thief said that they are poor and really needed money. But that’s not all! In fact, they even offered to send files that the student might need for their course work. Check the full text of this surprising note!


Online Reactions

Needless to say, the post with thief’s apologies became popular pretty fast. Here are some best reactions!




















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