Are You Smart Enough? Here’s This New Horse Selling Riddle For You to Solve!  

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Remember the Chinese problem that went viral on Twitter last month? Well, looks like a new horse selling riddle is on the rise!

Looks like an extremely easy problem every first grader would solve, right? And the correct answer is … $10. Or $30? Or maybe $20? The answer options on the forum where the problem was first posted went back and forth. Someone even made an assumption the correct answer might be 20 GBP, which is completely ridiculous!

Okay, okay, let’s break this one down!

The Correct Answer

Obviously, the thing that got most people confused is the fact that the entrepreneur sold his dear horse for $80, but bought it back again for $70. So it looked like he was losing the money instead of gaining the profit from his initial sale.

If you’re getting too concerned for him, don’t be. There are two ways of solving the riddle:

●-$60 + $70 = +$10

●-$80 + $90 = +$10

In fact, after both transactions the horse entrepreneur made $10 +$10 = $20!

That was easy breezy!

The Puzzle of the Week

In case you’re puzzle savvy or just love wrapping your head around conundrums and puzzles, check out Bret Turner’s Twitter! This teacher from Cali just got his Twitter followers thinking with a morbid question he had posed to a class of youths. Mr. Turner runs a ‘Puzzle of the week’ meant to variegate the learning process for his students. Check out one of his latest puzzles:

'I am the beginning of everything, the end of everywhere. I’m the beginning of eternity, the end of time & space. What am I?'

The guesses were pretty surprising, so Brett decided to share the correct answer to the riddle. In his Twitter post he wrote the following:

The first guess from one of my 1st graders was “death” and such an awed, somber, reflective hush fell over the class that I didn’t want to tell them that actually the answer is the letter e, which just seemed so banal in the moment.

Do you like solving riddles? Which are your favorite ones?

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