Australia’s NAPLAN Exam Results Arrived After Online Testing Held For the First Time

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In 2018, one in five Australian students has taken the annual NAPLAN exam’s online version. According to the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA), the results didn’t change much compared to previous years. The Typical Student team learned the details about the NAPLAN and is ready to tell you more!  



Overall, ACARA are pleased with the results claiming year 9 students who took the online writing test did way better compared to those who took the pen-and-paper version. So, take a look at the NAPLAN key 2018 results. Primary school students continue to improve in reading, spelling and grammar, showing higher average results compared to the 2008 average results. Now, take a look at the subject breakdown.


Numeracy: Percentage of Students Meeting the Benchmark



  • NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA and Tasmania: 96% of year 3 students
  • Australian Capital Territory: 97% of year 3 students
  • Northern Territory: 78% of year 3 students meet the benchmark
  • In high school, over 95% of year 9 students in all states (except the Northern Territory).

Reading: Percentage of Students Meeting the Benchmark

  • Australian Capital Territory:  97% of year 3 students
  • Northern Territory: the number drops to 71%
  • NSW, Victoria and Queensland: 96% of year 3 students
  • Queensland, SA and Tasmania: 92% of year 9 students  
  • NSW and Victoria: 94% of year 9 students
  • Australian Capital Territory:  97% of year 9 students

Writing: Percentage of Students Meeting the Benchmark




Sadly, the scores significantly dropped reaching the lowest level recorded ever since the national tests were introduced a decade ago! It came as a shock that one in five year 9 students haven’t met the minimum standard for writing. On the bright side, the results in year 9 grammar and punctuation have improved nationwide in 2018.


US Experts Criticize This Year’s NAPLAN Management


After 2018 NAPLAN results have come to light, ACARA has faced criticism by two US experts. Professors Les Perelman and Walt Haney published a report naming this year's NAPLAN testing management "fatally flawed".  Still, ACARA'S Measurement Advisory Group kept rejecting the criticism which is not without a reason.


Turns out, the release of the NAPLAN results arrived a few weeks later than it was intended. Originally, the results were to come in on August 8, but were delayed due to government officials’ concerns that the “online and pen-and-paper test results could not be directly compared.”

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