Australian Professor Wins ‘Nobel for Math’ for the Second Time In History

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For Akshay Venkatesh August got off to a very good start. 36-year-old professor was awarded the Fields Medal also known as the equivalent of Nobel Prize in mathematics. Professor Venkatesh became the second Australian to be given the award. The Typical Student team couldn’t stay aside. Let’s view out more facts about the person having world’s most prestigious award of mathematical.


Who Is The Owner of The Most Prestigious Math Prize?


Overnight, Professor Akshay Venkatesh received the Fields Medal. It happened in Rio de Janeiro at the International Congress of Mathematicians.


10 Quick Facts About Professor Venkatesh


Here is what you should know about him.


  • Professor Venkatesh spend childhood in Perth and won multiple math prizes.
  • Svetha Venkatesh (Akshay’s mother) describes her son as s normal and happy child, who grew up with love to math, sports, reading, and music.
  • When he was 13 y.o., Akshay was accepted to the University of Western Australia to began science degree.
  • In the age of 16, Venkatesh completed the degree 12 months earlier than expected. It made him one of the youngest graduates.
  • In 2002, Venkatesh won a Hackett Scholarship from the University of Western Australia.
  • That year, he undertook a PhD at Princeton.
  • These days, professor works at Stanford University, US.
  • His specialization is pure mathematics and number theory.
  • This year, Professor Venkatesh is going to return to Princeton.
  • Yesterday, he became only the 2nd Australian to award the Fields Medal. The first person was Professor Terence Tao. He was awarded in 2006.

The Way Twitterverse Reacts


Credits: @SBSNews


Australian winning ‘Nobel for math’ already became popular in Twitterverse.


Credits: @SmithsonianMag


By tradition, Professor Venkatesh was among 4 mathematicians from all over the world. Once every 4 years, the Fields Medal is awarded to between 2 and 4 researchers to recognize their contribution in math.

Stolen Medal

Caucher Bikar - the second Professor getting the Fields Medal last night - put the award in his briefcase. Minutes after the ceremony the briefcase disappeared. Latter, they found the briefcase with professor's mobile and personal things but the medal was stolen. Its cost is around $4,000.

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