Australian SCANDAL: Religious Schools Are Legally Allowed to Reject Gay Students

2 years ago



To make a long story short, in 2018, Australian religious schools are already allowed to deny students a place based on their sexual orientation. And it’s legal! In this post, let the Typical Student team shed some light of the story.


The Facts






So, the fact is that now Australian law allows religious schools to reject gay students. Local Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the information. He said that the schools in Australia are legally allowed to deny students a place. The decision can be based on a student’s sexual orientation. Besides, Scott Morrison commented on the contents of a leaked report on religious freedoms. He took part in the debate about the things that constitute unlawful discrimination against gay people. It happened just after Australia's Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage!









"That is the existing law," says Prime Minister when asked if the schools have a right to turn away gay students. Still, several Australian states already passed their own discrimination laws. The ones that don’t let local religious schools rejecting the students on the basis of sexual orientation. "We're not proposing to change that law to take away that existing arrangement that exists," Scott Morrison said.



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