Australian Students Demand To Allow Pill Testing As Politicians Keep Getting In The Way

2 years ago



Contraception is a pressing matter in Australia, so as of late, AU students have joined forces with harm reduction service Dancewize to initiate a new campaign meant to push federal and state politicians to allow pill testing. The initiative was initiated as a result of a tragedy when 5 young people died after taking drugs at music festivals in 2018. The Typical Student team learned the details.


Why Australian Students Initiate Pill Testing Practices?





Richard Di Natale, the Greens leader, and Fiona Patton, the Reason Party leader, attended a student event organized by “Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)”. As "Be Heard Not Harmed" campaign was launched at Revolver nightclub in Melbourne.

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian refused to introduce pill testing practices irrespective of calls from health professionals, advocates, and the public. So, Di Natalie took a jab at Berejiklian saying "I'm here because pill testing saves lives, it's as simple as that,"





Di Natalie commented on the event as follows: "Pill testing saves the lives of young people. It doesn't matter what politicians say, people will continue to make these choices and they should not have to pay for it with their lives."


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