70,000 Australian Students Got HSC Certificate Wtih Typo, NSW Minister Apologizes

3 years ago



As reported by the Guardian, the New South Wales minister has publicly apologized to year 12 students for issuing their HSC certificates with the wrong date. Apparedntly, due to a “human error”, an incorrect date the HSC certificates were issued stating ‘December 2017’. The Typical Student team looked into the problem.

What Happened To HSC Certificates?



Turns out, the NSW Education Standards Authority printed the phrase “Issued by NESA without alteration or erasure on 14th December 2017”. at the bottom of every  HSC Certificate. In return, the NSW education minister, Rob Stokes, publicly apologized for the error and said new certificates would be printed and distributed soon.




He said in his statement: “I am furious that the independent authority charged with running the HSC failed to give NSW students the respect their hard work and dedication deserves by getting something as simple as the date right on their certificate. I’ve made it clear to NESA that this needs to be corrected immediately and I understand reprinting is already under way.”


When Will New HSC Certificates Be Issued?


According to the NESA spokesman, students will get new HSC certificates next week. “[The authority] apologises unreservedly to every student who has mistakenly received their 2018 Higher School Certificate in the mail displaying an incorrect date of issue.”

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