Australian Students ICT Literacy Scores Have NOT Changed Since 2014

3 years ago



As reported by The West Australian, computer literacy skills of AU students still leave much to be desired. Even the frequent use of electronic devices in schools, the situation hasn’t improved. The Typical Student team reports based on the results of the research held by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.


Computer Literacy In Australian Students: Facts & Figures



  • 11,000 students from Years 6 and 10 are chosen randomly every three years to take the test, assessing their digital literacy skills which include “being able to use software to present data.”
  • As of last year, 53% of Year 6 students and 54% of Year 10s have reached the “proficient” standard. This result is almost identical to the results of tests held in 2014, but much lower than in 2011.
  • In Western Australia, 54% of Year 6s reached the benchmark. The State had 62%  of Year 10 students to reach the standard, which is currently the highest percentage.


Australian Girls Are More Computer Literate




According to the results, girls did a lot better than boys in both year groups. Turns out, boys are more active users of electronic devices outside of school for playing games, watching videos and streaming music. There’s also a correlation between the lower ICT literacy scores and frequent use of entertainment apps at school.

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