Australian Students Strike For Climate Change Just Before Election 2019

3 years ago



Meanwhile, Australian schools are striking ahead of the 2019 federal election. To make a long story short, these days, school students are striking for climate change. Today, the Typical Student will tell you more!


The Strike






As you may know, in Australia, school students continue striking for climate change. To say more, now, the students are waiting for adults to join them. There will be a global event on March 15. According to the organizers, they already found support from a growing number of unions.


Any Support?





Actually, in 2019, the event supported by National Union of Workers, National Tertiary Education Union, United Firefighters Union, Hospo Voice, the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association and the National Union of Students.


Besides, the National Union of Workers (which is one of the most powerful unions in the Labor Party) says that it was supporting the strike and the students standing together collectively for their future.


“They are inspiring leaders, and we support them in making our political leaders listen.”


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