Australian Students with Lowest ATAR Scores Become Teachers, Secret Report Reveals

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If you happen to be a student in Australia leaving high school with the lowest ATAR scores, chances are you’re taking an educator’s career path. At least that’s what a confidential report obtained by the ABC suggests. Even if your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores are dangerously close to zero, you can still be offered a place in teaching degrees at universities! The Typical Student team shares insights on the scandalous situation.

Confidential Report: Key Takeaways

nsw-act-teacher-scores-2003-vs-2015Source: University Admission Centre

  • The prospective teaching students’ ATAR scores often range between 0-19;
  • In NSW and the ACT, students making the bottom 50% of graduates “made up half of all those offered places in teaching degrees”;
  • 28 teaching degree offers were made to students with ATAR of 0-19;
  • 29 teaching degree offers to students with an ATAR of 20-29;
  • 73 teaching degree offers to students with an ATAR of 30-39.

Who Leaked the Secret Report?

Australian professor in retirement, John Mack, has leaked the figures to the ABC news outlet after the University of Sydney “demanded the report be destroyed.”

Despite the general quality of applicants has decreased, the numbers of students admitted into teaching degrees has grown in recent years.


Source: University Admission Center

According to the report, prospective teachers high school maths achievements have declined as well. At that, one in four students offered educators places didn’t study maths at all in the Year 12!

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