Top Australian Universities Take Advantage Of International Students Using Them As "Cash Cows"

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Shocking allegations about Australian universities have just been put forth. According to ABC News outlet, Australian universities are allegedly using international students as 'cash cows'.  Is that really so? And what does the recent research reveal? The Typical Student team tried to figure the situation out.


Are Australian Universities Taking Advantage of International Students?


International education in Australia is a booming $32 billion-a-year industry. Still, the investigation by ABC shows “an abundance of international students who describe struggling to communicate effectively in English, participate in class, or complete assignments adequately.” Accoring to ABC, here's the revenue statistic from top Aussie universities:



Credit: ABC


Journalist Investigation: Key Findings



Credit: ABC

Here's what ABC investigation found:

  • English language standards are often too low or “can be sidestepped via loopholes.” Students find themselves in stressful classroom situations that often result in cheating.
  • Most students often complete degrees that cost over $100,000 but rarely end up in professional employment after graduation.
  • Irrespective of this, international students arrive in massively to Australia. According to the ABC statistic, there are now 753,000 international students in Australia (with 380,000 students in tertiary studies).
  • Chinese students make up 30% of all students, which is “putting Australia's education industry at risk of political and economic repercussions.”
  • Australia's largest universities have a disproportion of international students (about 50%).

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