9 AWKWARD Celebrity Prom Looks They Don’t Have to Be Ashamed Of

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Still reminiscing about your prom with a tear in your eye? Here’s the thing, you’re not the first to go through this experience. In fact, even some of your most-beloved celebrities have had this great experience! And, some of them experienced fashion fails, bad hair day, and all that stuff! Want to take a look? Then, join us on this amazing journey to discover the ups and downs of #TBT celebrity prom fashion.

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#1 Taylor Swift


Sweet and romantic, Taylor Swift looked WAY different back at her prom. But still, she’s undeniably a dazzling beauty! At least she has finally found her signature look and rocks it proudly.

#2 Britney Spears


We have to admit, the iconic pop diva chose a questionable ensemble to show up at her prom. Her red carpet looks were times better.

#3 Tyra Banks


By the time of her prom, Tyra Banks has been making made her name as a model. She looked as stunning back then as she looks now!

#4 Brad Pitt


We have to say, Brad Pitt has definitely developed a sense of style over the years. At least now you can hardly see him wear a grey jacket with white pants, and THAT is an achievement!

#5 Beyonce


Today, Beyonce donnes a femme fatale look, and is a sexy mother of three, but back then at her prom, she was a real sweetheart! It’s always nice to look at how beautiful and stylish Beyonce is!

#6 Angelina Jolie


An actress, a philanthropist, and one of the most beautiful women alive, Angelina Jolie looked sweet in her prom ensemble. Nothing like the femme fatale she had become years after!

#7 Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa neither had dreadlocks, nor tattoos at his prom. Who would have thought that years later he would become one of the most talked-about rappers and Amber Rose’s baby daddy.

#8 Demi Lovato

demi-lovato-promBack at her prom the “Stone Cold” and “Let It Go” songstress rocked a dramatic red dress and massive jewelry. Now, Demi sticks to a more reserved, yet 'grown woman' look.

#9 Rihanna

rihanna-promRihanna is not only famous by a myriad of hits, but also for her love for risque outfits. However, at her prom she looked sweet and tender in that blue dress.

See, celebrities weren't always as stylish and sleek as they are now! So, don't get upset if you didn't nail your prom look - you have plenty of time to refine your personal style.

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