BBC Presenter Wants Refund For His Daughter’s £15k-a-year Tuition Fees After She Gets School’s Motto Tattoo

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This resonant story happened to a BBC presenter David Harper, 52. The Antiques Road Trip star has demanded a refund for his daughter's £15,000-a-year tuition fees after the school motto was tattooed across her chest. The Typical Student team learned the details of the incident.


Astounded Father



Hetti Harper, now 23, was head of the school choir at the Durham independent school Barnard Castle. That was before she formed a band of her own and named it "Tiffany Twisted." David Harper recollects he was initially shocked after he saw the Latin motto tattoed on his daughter's chest. According to Hetti, she got the tattoo three weeks ago. The girl says she's often asked by people in the street what the translation of the writing is.

David Harper comments: "After I freaked out at the sight of the tattoo, I was furious that after all the money I'd spent on her education, I really didn't expect her to end up being a free walking advert for the school.

Later on, though, he changed his mind and asked the school "to sponsor Hetti in her music career and give me back some of the school fees I'd paid."


What Does The Tattoo Mean?



So, what's the meaning of the mysterious writing? The tattoo reads 'Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus', which translates from Latin as 'When you are steeped in little things, you shall safely attempt great things.'

While in school, Hetti was classically trained as a singer. She moved to London three years ago and has been writing music for the past two years. 

Despite Hetti believes having the school motto tattooed across her chest is a great idea, her father isn't a fan. He said: "I'm hoping that I'll get some money back from the school and from Hetti once she makes it."

We'll see how successful Hetti's career is going to be as her band "Tiffany Twisted" is releasing their debut track 'Holes In Your Bones' on the August 20.


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