27 BEST 90s Summer Hits Every Student Should Know

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Nineties are not just a period of time. It’s the whole cultural era that brought us such cult things as ‘Friends’, Nirvana, and blue jeans. So it’s not a surprise that a huge amount of 90s songs are still popular and will remain hits for many decades. Thereby, this summer the 90s hits are no less popular than ever. Check out our list of top 27 summer songs of the 90s every student must listen to this summer.

#1 Oasis - Wonderwall

This 90s hit from the famous British alternative band Oasis album “Morning Glory?” will be popular forever. British know how to create real hits.

#2 Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca

Livin' La Vida Loca is a hot dancing summer hit by a Puerto Rican pop singer Ricky Martin. This 90s song from the singer’s famous album “Ricky Martin” will certainly make you dance all night.

#3 Hanson – MMMBop

This 90s hit by Hanson from their album “Middle of Nowhere” will make you feel that crazy atmosphere of the nineties. Download MMMBop if you are a pop rock fan.

#4 Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Natalie Imbruglia’s 90s summer hit Torn from her debut album “Left of the Middle” simply creates good vibes. This love song is a true hit.

#5 No Doubt - Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak is a real pop hit of the 90s. This song from the No Doubt’s album “Tragic Kingdom” is worth listening to this summer.

#6 Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

If you don’t sing along every time you hear this rock hit from Aerosmith album “Armagedon”, you are not a true rock fan. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing is not just a hit of the 90s, it’s the hit of all time.

#7 Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back

Savage Garden’s 90s hit To The Moon & Back is simply perfect. That’s it.

#8 Los Del Rio – Macarena

Do you dance Macarena? This hit by Los Del Rio will be extremely popular forever.

#9 The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff - "Summertime"

A classic 90s hit by The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff is something you wanna dance to this summer. It’s the best choice for any party.

#10 MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This"

This pop 90s hit from MC Hummer’s album “Please Hummer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” is simply perfect for summer parties.

#11 Ice Cube - "It Was a Good Day"

It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube will definitely chill you out this summer. This hip-hip song from the Ice Cubes album “The Predaor” will make your day.

#12 Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy"

This Biggie’s hit from his album “Ready to Die – The Remaster” is a classic hip-hop hit.

#13 Missy Elliott - "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"

This Missy Elliott’s hip-hop hit from her album “Supa Dupa Fly” will definitely make you dance.

#14 DMX - "Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Another classic rap song that will make your day – Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX.

#15 2Pac - "California Love" (Feat. Dr. Dre)

A hip-hop 90s hit by 2Pac from his album “All Eyez on Me”

#16 Coolio - "Gangsta's Paradise" (Feat. L.V.)

Coolio’s 90s hit from his album “Gangsta’s Paradise” is an eternal rap hit.

#17 Fugees - "Fu-Gee-La"

Fu-Gee-La from the Fugees album “The Score” is a hip-hop hit worth listening to.

#18 Spice Girls – Wannabe

A true all time pop hit by Spice Girls from their album “Spice”.

#19 Ace of Base - All That She Wants

Ace of Base 90s pop hit from their album “Happy Nation”.

#20 Aqua - Barbie Girl The

Barbie Girl from Aqua’s album “Aquarium” is probably the most famous pop hit.

#21 E-Type - Angels Crying

Angels Crying by E-Type is a top pop Swedish hit.

#22 Vacuum - Let The Mountain Come To Me

This pop song from the Vacuum album “Culture of Night” still remains a true hit.

#23 Madonna – Vogue

A legendary pop hit by no less legendary Madonna.

#24 Garbage – Queer

A famous rock hit from the Garbage album “Absolute Garbage”.

#25 Hole – Malibu

An iconic 90s pop hit by Hole.

#26 4 Non-Blondes - What’s Up

A 4 Non Blonders rock hit from their album “Bigger, Better, Faster, more!” Oh, Linda Perry, we love you!

#27 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

A great rock hit from the Red Hot Chili Peppers legendary album “Californication”.

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