4 BEST Smartphone Apps For Students Who Have Trouble Sleeping

4 years ago



It’s almost May 1 meaning the deadline for making the final college choice is SO very near! Students are suffering from stress which results in the constant lack of sleep. With all the smart devices we use on a daily basis, falling asleep seems harder than it used to be. On the bright side, smart devices can actually help you cope with insomnia with the help of special apps!


Do you have trouble sleeping? Wanna cope with insomnia once and for all? The Typical Student team put together a short list of mobile applications allowing you to catch up on your beauty sleep! If you want to know how much sleep students get on average, see Did You Know: Art Students in UK Sleep 5.9 Hours and Are The MOST Sleep Deprived



1.Pzizz (iOS, Android)




Not only does Pzizz look incredible, but it does the job of lulling you into sleep perfectly well! The application provides you with an incredibly soothing soundtrack fading out after an hour to make the transition into sleep more seamless. Pzizz also has the narration feature using both male and female voices. However, if you think this is only hindering your sleeping routines, just turn it off. Another option is to use the music in bursts as a "focus" setting.  


2. Headspace: Meditation (iOS, Android)



Headspace: Meditation is more of a mindfulness training app. Still, it can set you up with a selection of themed sessions whether to calm you down or put you to sleep. To remind you of a session, the app will send you push notifications during the day. The sessions are short - each of them lasts no longer than a few minutes. This application will absolutely fit the students whose minds race before you hit the sack.


3. Calm (iOS, Android)



Similar to the previous app, Calm is meant to take your mind off things before going to bed. Unlike Headspace: Meditation, the sessions here are longer, and it’s possible to set up programs over time. The selection of sounds is enormous: the ambient sounds of nature will create an illusion of staying outside, in the wild. This app is a multipurpose one: it relieves anxiety, teaches you to relax, meditate and overcome stress. When using this app, turn off all the notifications not to disturb your zen.


4. Sleep Podcasts


Remember, we told you about the best ASMR YouTube channels? Now, we’re talking about the podcasts, which can become a remedy for your insomnia. Whether it’s a comedy like This American Life, or The Meditation Podcast, you can still use them to relax before going to bed. There are podcasts available on iTunes like The Sleep Meditation Podcast, or Take a Break on Google Play.


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