What’s Up, Betsy? BEST US Teachers’ Heated Conversation with Ms Devos in Secret Meeting (KEY FACTS)

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The recent teacher strikes in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona finally brought educators to Betsy DeVos’ office. The Secretary of Education had a private meeting with over 50 educators named the best in their states in 2018. The conversation was focused around the obstacles faced by educators in their jobs and asking questions to the education secretary.


What Was the Most Burning Topics Discussed?


Below you will find the questions discussed behind the closed doors:


  • School Choice Policies

It’s no secret, Betsy DeVos advocates for the school choice programs. Not every educator seems to be in awe of the program saying these policies are “draining traditional public schools of resources.” Jon Hazell named the teacher of the year in Oklahoma neary engaged in a “verbal sparring session” with Ms. DeVos, which wasn’t taken well by the secretary’s staffers. However, Hazell’s line of questioning resonated with the concerns of “a lot of educators right now.”


  • Public Schools vs Charter Schools

DeVos didn’t leave out the traditional public schools and charter schools. According to the Secretary, both educational entities should be parts of the same public school system. This apparently didn’t sit well with most educators in the room because. Thing is, these are two differently managed types of schools, subject to different rules and regulations.


The charter schools are known to be publicly funded but often privately operated. According to the teachers present at the meeting, Ms. DeVos mentioned voucher programs in that statement. The voucher programs induced by the secretary, are meant to provide children with publicly funded scholarships to private schools. This turned out to be a shocker to everyone present.


Bottom Line


Betsy DeVos is known for having an extremely tense relationship with teachers unions. Her family has a lengthy history of working against organized labor. Concluding the meeting with US teachers, the Secretary said she hoped the strikes would soon be over and [the teachers participating in mass walkouts] would “look at what’s ultimately right for the kids in the long term.”


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