Betsy DeVos Allows Religious Schools to Discriminate Against LGBTQ by Avoiding Title IX

3 years ago



Betsy DeVos is making headlines again while the US Department of Education “wants to make it easier for religious schools to reject the gender equity law Title IX”. Previously, the Typical Student team told you how Betsy DeVos lost student loan lawsuit on borrower defence. However, Ms. DeVos and the Department have no intention to stop ruining the gains of Obama Administration Era.


Title IX Exemptions: Who’s to Deal With Sexual Harassment in Schools?



As told by BuzzFeed News, the draft of new regulations dated Aug. 25, was leaked to the website of the Association of Title IX Administrators (a group of school officials involved with the gender equity law). The rules regulate the ways of dealing with sexual harassment and assault allegations in K–12 schools and colleges.  


The draft reveals several ways to “limit the circumstances in which a school has to investigate a sexual assault complaint.” It turns out, the bar is raised for the Education Department as to learning if a particular school violates Title IX. And, most importantly, the rules change “how the department handles religious exemptions to Title IX.”


Religious Schools Aren’t Meant to Abide by Title IX Rules


As stated in the draft regulations, Title IX already permits the religious exemptions, the government “should not impose confusing or burdensome requirements on religious institutions that qualify for the exemption.”


In other worlds, if these rules are to be put in action, we might go back to Reagan administration times when students could be punished for being gay or having an abortion. If that was against their school’s faith-based convictions. At that, religious schools could be “allowed to discriminate against those students without penalty.”


The proposed regulations are expected to be officially released in October. As for now, no comment followed from the US Department of Education.

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