21 BIGGEST Career Misconceptions Students Have Experienced After Graduation

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When students have to decide which major to choose they have plenty of advantages and disadvantages to think about. So while some students choose a particular major, such as nurse, because they want to help other people, others would like to be nurses just because of the high annual salary. Besides, most of the students simply don’t understand all the slightest details about their dream career and have really huge misconceptions about different jobs.

For instance, the most unexpected misconception is about the nurse job. A nurse position is not an easy job with surprisingly quite a low salary, which makes most of the nurses work outside hospitals in order  to earn enough of money. So before choosing a major find everything you can about a particular career and preferably talk to some representatives of your dream job. To discard common myths about various jobs, the Typical Student team has put together a list of 21 SURPRISING career misconceptions shared by students.

#1 Nonprofit workers don’t work for free. Yeah, they actually earn money for their work, because they need money to survive just like anybody else.


#2 Lawyers don’t know all the laws. They actually specialize in a particular field of law like civil rights, criminal law or employment and labor law (and this is not the whole list).


#3 Books are not easy to write and inspiration is not everything you need to create a novel.


#4 Interpreters and translators don’t do the same job and even if you know a foreign language it  doesn’t make you any of them.


#5 When you order a cup of strong coffee it doesn’t mean that your barista would actually put more coffee in your cup.


#6 So you’ll have to study history all your life, if you want to be a historian.


#7 Pediatricians do not choose their major just because they like cute kids.


#8 If a pharmacist works in a grocery store it doesn’t mean that he or she is not a professional.


#9 If you are looking for a job an occupational therapist won’t help you.


#10 Relax, you don’t have to read people’s mind if you wanna be a psychologist.


#11 Being outstanding at math doesn’t mean you can be a great math teacher.


#12 You will not earn millions working as a nurse.


#13 Radiographers do not see their patients naked.


#14 Librarians indeed still exist, so don’t hesitate to borrow a book you wanted to read.


#15 Being an animator is not that much fun, it’s a really time consuming and sometimes even boring job.


#16 Programmers really can’t fix your printer, or toaster, of anything else.


#17 Most archeologists don’t excavate somewhere in Egypt or China.

student-career-misconceptions-07#18 Again, IT consultants as well as programmers, don’t know why your PC doesn’t work.


#19 So don’t even try to trick your bartender anymore.

student-career-misconceptions-21#20 Professional editors do not correct the spelling and grammar mistakes, they don’t check misprints as well.


#21 Yeah, professional bakers do need good equipment, but expensive oven is not everything you need to become a great baker.


How about you? Did you have any post-graduate career misconceptions?

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