This INCREDIBLY Brave Victim of School Bullying Shows Up to Her Prom With 126 Biker Entourage (VIRAL VIDEO)

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Can you imagine being escorted to your prom by a cortege of a little over 120 bikers? Well, this is just exactly what happened to Chloe Robson, 16, a bullied teenager who was reluctant to show up at her school prom! The Typical Student team believes issues like bullying must be discussed and prevented.




Ever since she was 7, Chloe Robson had been tormented by her classmates, so she wasn’t exactly anticipating the traditional end-of-term event. However, she is lucky enough to have an uncle, Grant Robson, 42, who runs a support group called 'Bikers Against Bullies'!


Mr. Robson decided to support his niece with 126 fellow motorcyclists! The biker cortege caused quite a stir, which is seen in the footage.



Owing to such amazing support from her uncle, Chloe could step from a car at Lumley Castle in Chester le Street, County Durham, like a queen to the sound of revving motorcycle engines.


Turned out, Chloe wasn’t expecting such a huge gang of bikes would come to support her.


"I was really nervous about going to the prom and the reaction I'd get."

As she later told the journalists, the motorcyclists escorted her car all the way to the prom venue, and then - to the school. Both teachers and families of Chloe’s fellow students applauded seeing such an amazing picture.




The girl admitted she had been looking exactly for this reaction. All her friends ran up and said 'wow, that was an entrance'."


How It Feels Being Bullied


Unfortunately, not everyone’s uncle runs an anti-bullying support group. Chloe Robson recollects her problems began back at primary school. First, it was “name-calling directed at the way she looked and talked.” Then, in the secondary school, the bullying got worse and more physical with pushing, shoving, and having objects thrown at Chloe. All of this was happening for no particular reason.


Bullying had a negative impact on Chloe’s self-esteem, and almost destroyed her confidence. She admits it’s hard having nobody to talk to about bullying.


Next year, Chloe is joining the 6th form to study media and photography, so now she’s focused on helping with 'Bikers Against Bullies' promotion on social media and photography. Many of the 'Bikers Against Bullying' members have been bullied at school or at work.


Mr. Robson is happy she’s working with the organization to raise awareness among teachers and parents. Good luck to her!


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