Did You Know: Bill Gates Didn’t Allow His 3 Kids To Own a Mobile Until They Turned 14

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Bill and Melinda Gates have three children, now aged 15, 18, and 22 years old. Their eldest daughter, Jennifer, is graduating Stanford this summer, and Mr. Gates is optimistic she won’t fall into his steps. Contrary to common belief, the tech moguls and philanthropists didn’t trust their precious offsprings to nannies, doing most of the parenting by themselves.


The Love and Logic Parenting Model


The couple admitted following the "Love and Logic" parenting model dating back to 1970s. The successful parenting formula was invented by a group of psychologists, psychiatrists and former school administrators. According to the Love and Logic philosophy, minimizing emotional reactions like shouting or reprimanding kids, while exerting emotional control is the key to becoming a great parent.


Most importantly, "Love and Logic" emphasizes the importance of showing unconditional love and appreciating kids for who they are. This gives a much better result than leaning into rewards and similar methods. It’s true that the Gates have set the "no screen time" in their family, which helps the kids to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Also, Bill and Melinda Gates have prohibited using cellphones at the table while having a meal. The Gates’ kids have been raised in the digital detox atmosphere: none of them had a mobile until 14.


The Gates’ Parenting Rules of Success

  • Kids don't always get what they want at any given time
  • Kids have to work for things they want to get
  • Kids must understand the concept of “giving back”
  • Kids must pursue the things they are passionate for
  • Kids must have an understanding that their work if meaningful and important

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