Black Student Wasn’t Allowed To Perform With Dance Team As Her Skin Is Too Dark

3 years ago



This story happened to a high school student who was told that she is too dark to take a part in the dance team performance. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


Who Is This Student?





Camille Sturdivant is one of 2 African-American members on the 14-person "Dazzlers" dance team. It was formed at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, United States District Court in Kansas City, Kansas. According to the lawsuit, the student was told she was 'too dark' to perform with the dance team.


The Reaction





As it was expected, the student decided to sue the Kansas school district. The reasons: discrimination and retaliation. Camille Sturdivant claims that she wasn’t able to perform with the dance team as her skin appeared to be too dark. Besides, the local the choreographer also said Camille’s skin color "clashed with the color of the costumes."



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