Body Hair, Alcoholism, and 3 More Things That Unexpectedly Make Students Smarter

3 years ago



Needless to say, it’s hard to define what intelligence actually is. It comes with many hard-to-define qualities but you can always discover the patterns. What are the main things indicating the high level of intelligence? Today, the Typical Students team selected for you 5 top unexpectable quality intelligence characteristics. What makes you smarter? Let’s see!  

#1 Eating Chocolate


Many years ago, it was found that chocolate brings us happiness. Does it brings us brains as well and if it does, how can these 2 terms be even connected? However, the recent studies looked at the number of Nobel laureates per 10 million people in country’s population and the amount of the chocolate eaten by them. The results showed a visible connection between high IQ and chocolate consumption. 

#2 Alcoholism 


Another impressing link was found between drinking alcohol and having high IQ. Scientists say you can even predict the level of future alcohol intake based on child’s intelligence. The unexpectable fact is that intelligent children are more likely to be heavy drinkers.

#3 Body Hair


Dr. Aikarakudy Alias found another surprising link body hair and intelligence. It’s based not on IQ but on levels of education and body hair. Besides, he discovered that students with the excelled degree are usually hairier than students who performed poorly.

#4 Homosexuality


In 2018, Satoshi Kanazawa found a significant link between homosexuality and intelligence. Actually, it doesn’t mean that homosexuality is the characteristic of a high IQ level. However, the discovery shows that homosexual people are more likely to be intelligent. Kanazawa considers that homosexuality is a reflection of inquisitiveness.

#5 Atheism 


Society has been studying the link between religion and society for years! The result shows that the highest IQ scores were found in the countries with the highest rates of atheism. Talking about a more specific discovery in terms of intelligence, atheists are on the top. Then there are agnostics liberal believers and religious fundamentalists are the last ones. 

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