Books In A Microwave Made UK Student Popular After Bags School Ban

2 years ago



Alright, the Typical Student team already wrote about different unexpectable bans schools provide. However, this story is even weirder. It’s about the school which banned bags and the student who decided to use his microwave instead.


Bags Ban

books-in-microwave-made-student-popular-1.pngIt happened in Lincolnshire’s Spalding Grammar School, UK. They banned bags because 'injury was being caused to younger students' due to increasingly big and heavy bags. As soon as it was announced, a local 17-year-old student responded in a novel way.


The protest

books-in-microwave-made-student-popular-2.pngJacob Ford showed his protest carrying his books in a microwave and a wicker basket. Besides, the UK student wrote a 3,000-word essay. He explained the way new rules make the situation at school even worse.



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