Brain Challenge: Can You Solve These Hipster Riddles?

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It’s time for the new brain challenge, so get ready for fresh hipster riddles!


Source: National Geographic

1. Two hipsters, Beckett and Brax, decided to race on their electronic bicycles on a 100m track to find out whose is the slowest. The bicycle to reach the finish line last would win the race. Beckett and Brax got on the start line, but no one wanted to start first, but none of them moved. Each one wanted to avoid being the first to finish.

So, they just stood still, when their friend Anna approached. She wondered if they were all right, so they left their bikes and walked up to her to explain about their bet. Anna listened carefully and gave them a piece of advice. After that, both guys rushed back, got on their bikes and raced to the finish line as fast as they could. So, what did Anna say to her friends?  


Source: Hong Kong Tatler

2.Why would a Parisian hairdresser prefer to give a haircut to two Belgians rather than one Briton?


Source: The Spruce

3.Three sisters got a gift: 7 crates of wine, 7 half-empty crates of wine, and 7 empty crates. How do sisters share the gift so that each of them got the same amount of wine and the same number of crates? Note: they must not transfer wine from any crate to any other crate.

4.Guess the English word pronounced the same way even when 4 of its 5 letters are removed.

5.It stays the same no matter how many letters you take from it. What’s that?

Could you guess the answers? Okay, here are the solutions.

  • The Correct Solutions

1.So, what could have Anna said to Beckett and Brax to make them rush to the finish line?

Solution: she told them to ride the other person’s bike.

2.Are Parisian hairdressers so fond of Belgian customers?

Solution: nationalities have nothing to do with how much a hairdresser would earn. The number of people has. Obviously, a hairdresser would get twice as much giving two haircuts than just one.

3.Three sisters and wine crates - this one is tricky.


2 sisters get 3 full crates, 1 half-empty crate and 3 empty crates.

1 sister gets 1 full crate, 5 half-empty crates and 1 empty crate.

This way, every sister gets 7 crates, and 3.5 crates-worth of wine.

4. The answer depends on how eloquent in English you are.

Solution: Queue. Or aitch.

  1. This one requires some savviness.

Solution: A post box.

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