Brett Kavanaugh Will Not Return To Teach His Course at Harvard Law School in 2019

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The news broke that Brett Kavanaugh will not return to teach a course at Harvard University he was to teach in 2019. In the official email sent to law students, the Harvard reps announced the following: "Today, Judge Kavanaugh indicated that he can no longer commit to teaching his course in January Term 2019, so the course will not be offered." The Typical Student team learned more details on the situation.

New Details About Kavanaugh Have Emerged

brett-kavanaugh-course-cancelled-harvard-law-school-01Source: Business Insider

It became known that FBI are looking into the numerous claims of sexual misconduct put forth by women against the Supreme Court nominee. With the latest details that have emerged on Kavanaugh’s drinking habits this past Monday, he chose not to resume his teaching at Harvard University. As told by BusinessInsider, Kavanaugh's faculty page is gone from the school's website.


Why Has Kavanaugh's Course at Harvard Been Cancelled?



The cancellation of the course has been confirmed by the Harvard law school spokesperson. Still, the official reasons for Kavanaugh’s decision have not been clearly indicated. As Kavanaugh’s former classmates have shared their knowledge of his drinking behavior, the scandal is heating on. Turns out, the battled Supreme Court nominee has not been completely honest about “his past drinking and the behavior he engaged in while intoxicated.”


The FBI have been urged by both Republican and Democratic senators to look into the scandalous claims.  Last Friday, the agency was ordered by President Trump to restart its inquiry. The White House followed suit providing more freedom to investigate the claims on Monday.

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