Brillant Student Proves Nicolas Cage Films Can Help You Learn Mathematical Statistics (GRAPHICS INSIDE)

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Being an educator is at times challenging. Not only does one have to think of making their lectures interesting, but also about building a beautiful relationship with their students. The Typical Student team found a fun example of a teacher-student interaction shared by user ButtersTheCat. Surprisingly, it's all about math and statistics. 


Example Of Correlation Not Equalling Causation Shared On Facebook







A professor who used to teach math and statistic in a college was once contacted by one of their former students. The text exchange was later shared on Facebook.

In a message exchange with a teacher, a student shared an image proving that correlation does not equal causation but with a twist. The example contained a comparison of Nicolas Cage movies and the number of people who drowned by falling into a pool. The student who sent those messages explained to BoredPande why he chose to contact his professor: 

“I messaged one of my former professors this morning, with a meme I thought he’d get a kick out of…I hadn’t talked to him since I was in his class, so I never got to tell him that he was a badass teacher." 

"I wasn’t expecting a response, but the one I got, made me smile – I don’t even care if he was just being nice. :) (It did make me sad to learn that he’s not teaching anymore, though)."


It's always great when a former student can commend a teacher for doing an awesome job! We should do that more often as educators rarely get the props they deserve. 


What Does Nicolas Cage Have To Do With Math Statistics? 


So, here's what the correlation between the number of Nicolas Cage's films and people who drowned in a pool looks like: 




Speaking of the people who died by getting tangled in their bedsheets: 



What about the marriage rate in Kentucky? 




Margarine consumption rates, maybe? 




How Did People On the Internet React? 


The Internet reactions followed. Some users said they did the same to their profs who taught other subjects as the students had been extremely motivated. 



A user who goes by the name @TheySeeMeRollinForInitiative said they nominated one of their profs for "lecturer of the year" for being a great instructor.  It's great to know that your effort is appreciated! 



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