Bristol University Students Crowdfunded £1,500 for Cleaner's Holiday Trip to Jamaica (PHOTOS INSIDE)

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Remember, the Typical Student team shared 7 HEARTWARMING Times Complete Strangers Helped Struggling Students? This time, it’s vice versa - students are helping. And it’s not a stranger being helped, but a university cleaner. We just couldn’t help sharing this AMAZING story!


Students Crowdfund Holiday Trip for University Cleaner



230 students from the University of Bristol made a collective donation of £1,500 on gofundme page. This way, students paid for a holiday trip that university cleaner Herman Gordon took with his wife Denise. But it wasn’t only because Mr. Gordon didn’t have enough money to go on holiday. As told by BBC News, he could finally visit his family living in Jamaica for the first time in a decade!


What Was Mr. Gordon’s Reaction?


Touched by student kindness, Mr. Gordon thanked everyone saying: "God bless you all. Everybody will see this and think that I'm a trillionaire." After news outlets posted a video of Mr. Gordon breaking down in tears the moment he was told about the trip in June, it instantly went viral.




Looks like being a part of Bristol University staff for 12 years has finally paid off. At least you can tell by the photos shared by Mr. Gordon that he and his wife both enjoyed his holiday at the Montego Bay resort very much. The details of the holiday trip have been shared on the Bristruths Facebook page.  




The caption reads: "We're delighted to say that Herman loved his holiday at a five-star resort in Jamaica along with his wife Denise. Bristruths would like to thank all the Bristol students who made this possible."

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