Bristol University Students Pose Naked For Raunchy Charity Calendar

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There are many things people can do for charity, but getting naked is one of the raunchiest things ever. Students from 12 societies at University of Bristol have presented their calendar and it's the cheekiest thing one has ever seen. The Typical Student team delivers you the hot tea.  


Bristol University Charity Calendar: What's Good?




According to the Mirror, the 2019 calendar design features the badminton team, a group of fencers, and the lifesaving team. At that, all the proceeds for the calendar will go to three charities. These charities provide advice, education, and support to the underpriviledged groups of people. Bristol Nightline offers support and advice for those who want to talk to someone; Womankind helps women by offering therapy and advice. Meanwhile, the CATS campaign educates young people on cancer.


Photographer Bryan Wong showed students with their relevant society objects like frisbees and books covering their private parts. Paige Taylor commented as follows: "The calendar has become an annual event within RAG's fundraising, due to the pure enthusiasm of the student body"




How Much Has Calendar Raised? 



At this point, around £700 has been raised by the following societies: Badminton, RAG, Ultimate Frisbee, Snowsports, Fencing, CHAOS, Athletics, Lifesaving, UBMC, Uniboob Team, Operatic and Panto. The charity calendar costs about £7 and is available in the university's students' union shop as well as online.



Take a look at the ingenious settings below to appreciate how hilariously creative these students are:



Bet, you don't see anything like this that often: 



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