Bunnings’ Sign Goes Viral Among Students And It Is EPIC

2 years ago



And here is how this week begins! Recently, an epic sign from Bunnings went super viral among the students. Why? Well, simply because the text says “F*ck It”. In this post, the Typical Student team will show you the pics os the viral image.


Original Story





Actually, it can be called just an innocent handwriting mistake. However, the result literally exploded social media and brought fame to the Bunnings Warehouse store in Brisbane. According to the staff members, they were going to write ‘Flick It’ above light switch products. Still, “F*ck It” for $3.99 advertisement became even better.


The Reaction





By tradition, the “F*ck It” for $3.99 image flew up social media space really fast. Here are some comments:


Chris Fenwick asked “Do they also sell f*** it sausages at Bunnings?

Astrid Freebird commented: “Even when read as ‘flick it’ my mind still heads straight for the gutter.


Unfortunately, the sign was taken down as soon as Bunnings’ staff realized their mistake.


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