Caitlin Denison MISSING: Student from Reno, Texas, MIA Since January 10, 2018

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Caitlin Marie Denison, 20, a Reno High School student, has been missing from Reno, Texas, since January 10, 2018. Reportedly, a young woman got on a flight from Reno to Midland, Texas to meet an unidentified male. The hope to find Caitlin briefly sparked when her sister, Rachael Denison, told the news outlets, the woman in handcuffs captured on CCTV footage at a Sunrise Ranch, Texas home might be Caitlin. The Typical Student team is sending prayers to the Denison family in hope for her soonest return.

5 Key Facts About Caitlin Marie Denison You Need to Know:

1. Caitlin Denison is described as a Caucasian woman with petite build, about 5’5” tall, 120 lbs, blue eyes.
2. Caitlin has a number of tattoos that can help identify her. On her left knuckle:  the word "Alien" and the letter "M." Also, she has a tattoo on her right forearm of a libra scale, two piercings on each side of her nose, a piercing on her bottom lip, a medusa piercing (above the upper lip) and scars on her legs and arms.
3. On the day of her disappearance, Ms. Denison was wearing a fur vest over a black shirt, black leggings braided down the sides and furry boots.
4. Caitlin Denison, is the first cousin of Brianna Denison who was was kidnapped and killed in Reno in 2008 by James Biela. Her murderer is now on death row.
5. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office reps have confirmed the handcuffed woman in the CCTV footage released in August 2018 is NOT Caitlin Denison. The woman in the video, who is 32, has been located and is currently cooperating with investigators. As told by USA Today, the woman’s identity is being “withheld because of her status as a family violence victim.”caitlin-denison-missing-student-03If you have any information about Caitlin Denison, please contact the Texas Dept. of Public Safety at (512) 424-5074 or (800) 346-3243, or call 911 immediately!

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