California Ex-Teacher Sings To Special Needs Student To Stop Panic Attack

3 years ago



This story happened to a middle school student. The girl was afraid of going outside but a school security guard supported her in a creative way. The video of them singing together quickly went viral. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


Original Story





To start with, the girl you see on the screen above is a special needs student at one of the California schools. The student was afraid of going outside. She anxiously held a Kermit the Frog toy, so Chris Morrison, the local security guard, decided to help. She sang “Rainbow Connection” inspired by student’s toy and it actually worked!


Here is what Meaghan King, a special needs teacher in Santa Rosa, said:

She was just having hard time transitioning from the hallway to outside. Transitions are tough.”


Who Is This Guard?





Her name is Chris Morrison and she used to work with children in the past. Before going to the Santa Rosa Police Department almost 20 years ago, Chris worked as a teacher in LA. She worked with at-risk students for 12 years.


Here is what Jeneane Kucker, Santa Rosa Police Sgt., said:

Morrison goes out of her way, goes above and beyond, especially in situations like this where a child just needs a little extra help. It’s typical of her with her personality. She’s just a very caring officer, person in general to go out of her way to assist a teacher with this child.”


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