Cambridge University Students Vote Against Remembrance Day Activities Because It 'Glorifies War'

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Cambridge University students are boycotting the celebration of Remembrance Day. Reportedly, many of them have voiced concerns that this is a memorial day 'glorifying' conflict. Remembrance Day (also known as the Poppy Day) is observed in Commonwealth of Nations member countries since the end of WWI to commemorate fallen soldiers. The Typical Student team learned more about the situation in Cambridge.  

Why Cambridge Student Union Voted Against Remembrance Day?

remembrance-day-cambridge-university-01Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) proposed to celebrate Remembrance Day at the students' union council meeting. The proposal 'encouraged the commemoration of British war veterans on Remembrance Day across the University of Cambridge'. At that, the council was urged to 'promote the cause of Remembrance' among students and 'ensure that Remembrance Day becomes a well-established and well-marked event across the university.' This includes anything from 'asking for a minute's silence on Remembrance Sunday to sending email reminders to students about buying poppies.'

What Are the Opinions of Student Union's Decisions?


Stella Swain, Cambridge Defend Education activist, explained why the proposal was not met enthusiastically. She commented: "For many people, war is not something that can be consigned to the past, and the original motion's focus on remembrance as 'valorizing' war instead of working to end its devastating impact is deeply disturbing." 

Still, not everyone agrees with this opinion. James Palmer, the Mayor of Cambridgeshire commented on the decision as shameful to Cambridge and showing 'disdain' for the Armed Forces in the 100th anniversary since the end of the WWI.

Timur Coskun, the chairman of CUCA commented as follows: "This is the 100th year since the end of the First World War and for CUSU not to recognize that is just not right. It's disrespectful."

See the reactions of Cambridge University community below:




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