Canada Biometric Program Roll Out: Will International Student Visas Still Be Accessible?

3 years ago



As told by Studyinternational, Canada has recently rolled out the new biometric rule for international students from Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Before submitting an application for your student visa, be sure to learn the details. As the Typical Student team has learned, the roll-out of the biometric rule is the second phase of the visa program. The first one was introduced last year in July last year and was mainly affecting the applicants from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


New Biometric Rule: What Is It All About?



Any individual seeking a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit, or permanent residency, fall under the rule. As reported by Studyinternational, to apply for visa, a candidate has to submit their fingerprints and a photo as part of the biometric program. The rule also applies to students from visa-exempt countries. And right away, the rule has caused controversy, due to accessibility concerns. The concerns are tied to the fact that students will now have to apply in person.


How Many International Students Have Applied for Canadian Visas?



As Canada is expanding the visa application centres network globally, it is planning to bring the total number to at least 157 centres in 105 countries by November 2019. Still, the number of centers is uneven, as Brazil has five centres, while Japan has only one. In the first 10 months of 2018, over 80,000 Canadian visas became effective for Indian students, according to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) data.


At that, India has 10 visa application centers, while China, with over 77,000 students over the same period, has 12 centres. More and more students are interested in getting a Canadian study visa from Asian countries, which also includes the Philippines.


Languages Canada’s Executive Director, Gonzalo Peralta, commented on the rule as follows:  “At this point, our main concern is the uncertainty the new process is creating, and that is something unavoidable. Our concern, of course, is that the new measures may impact student enrolment at our member institutions.”


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