Canada Will Invest $100M Over 6 Years to Educate Students About Cannabis

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The Canadian government is to launch a new health campaign about cannabis and it’s nothing like the typical campaigns you’ve got used to. Previously, public health campaigns served as a warning about the harmful effects caused by drugs. After cannabis has been legalized in Canada, the approach to drugs changed. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about US vs. UK Students: Who Smokes the Most Weed?


Health Canada Programs


Health Canada is a governmental organization responsible for public health maintenance in Canada. To date, it has launched a bunch of campaigns in public education as well as has allocated substantial sums of money into their development.


As told by The Globe and Mail, a social media campaign has been active since last spring. Also, last autumn, the Public Safety started another campaign on drug-impaired driving. The cannabis health facts campaign launched last March is aimed to provide teenagers with “honest facts” from cannabis experts.


How Much Does It Cost to Educate Teens About Cannabis?health-canada-campaign-01In July 2018, Health Canada also started an interactive engagement tour targeting teenagers and young adults. The tour takes place at different locations which includes music festivals, sports events, and fairs.


Health Canada is planning to allocate $100 million over the next 6 years to fund “cannabis public education, awareness and surveillance.” The $62.5 million included into this overall amount was proposed in federal budget 2017. The sum is meant to provide support to community organizations dealing in education about the risks of cannabis use.


How Effective Are Health Canada Campaigns?

health-canada-campaign-03Despite impressive sums of money allocated to youth education about cannabis, how effective are these health campaigns? David Hammond, a professor in the school of public health at the University of Waterloo, believes it's too early to make any definite conclusions. However, according to him, Health Canada is "trying."


The expert claims, “some of these campaigns are going to fall on their face.” Meanwhile, others will "do quite well, but they'll all contribute to the discussion and that's a good thing." Putting finance aside, the biggest challenge faced by the government is connecting with teens. Both educators and medical specialists are to figure out how to communicate with the kids on the sensitive matter of drug use.


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