Canadian High School Principal Removes Washroom Doors To Fight Student Vaping

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Student vaping is posing serious health risks in Canada. CityNews provides staggering statistic: as of 2016-17 study, one in 10 students didn’t consider vaping harmful. Still, as numbers of student vapers continue to grow, strict measures are being taken to break the habit. According to ctvnews, the principal of an Ottawa high school is removing doors from the school’s bathrooms to stop students from vaping. The Typical Student team learned the details.


How Much Canadian Students Are Vaping?




The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health research has shown that 11% of Ontario students between Grade 7 and Grade 12 vape. And that’s a lot compared to 7% of tobacco cigarette smokers. In Ontario, both vaping and cigarette smoking are strictly prohibited within 20 metres of school terrain. However, some students are still being caught in school.


This Is How St Joseph High School Fights Student Vaping




The principal at St. Joseph High School in Ottawa, Don Murphy, decided to help his students break the bad habit. Mr. Murphy sent out a letter to students’ parents saying St. Joseph would join the other schools and remove the entrance doors to student washrooms. This is to be done “so that vaping can be detected more readily and washrooms can be entered quickly.” At that, student privacy will stay intact as doors on individual washroom stalls won’t be removed.  

Removing washroom doors isn’t the only measure taken to prevent student vaping. If caught vaping or holding an e-cigarette on the school terrain, students are to be fined $305. Additionally, they are to be fined $490 for selling an e-cigarette product or sharing it with underage students.

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