Canadian Student Arrested For Protesting Against Hungary’s "Slave Law"

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This story happened to a Canadian student who was recently arrested during his protest against Hungary's new "slave law". What does it mean? Here’s what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


Who Is This Student?





To start with, his name is Adrien Beauduin. He recently completed a master's degree in gender studies at the CEU in Budapest and is now working on a PhD. The student was arrested on December 2018. He faces charges with a "felony against a public official committed in a gang." Adrien denies the allegations he assaulted a police officer but promises that he'll continue attending protests.

"Out of the blue, the police charged and I was caught in that charge and I was arrested," said the student.
However, Adrien was released after spending two nights in jail. Now the young man is awaiting trial.

"There's four other people who were arrested more or less at the same time, people I don't know… and from what they told me in the cell, they have exactly the same description of the alleged crime," Adrien said. "They all are accused of having hit with their left arm and have kicked in the direction of the police."


The Protest





As you may know, these loud week-long protests were caused by changes added to the labor law. Now the law allows employers to ask staff to work up to 400 hours of overtime per year.

This change was championed by Hungary's far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Needless to say, people call it "slave law".

"It means... 10 extra weeks of work every year that some workers might have to accept if they don't want to be fired. And they will only get paid up to three years after having done this work," the student said. "It does sound like slavery."



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