SHOCKER: Canadian Students Are Offered to Grow Weed in College And It’s Legal!

3 years ago




The students of Canadian college are offered to visit Canada’s first ‘pot school’ session. What does it mean? These Canadian students are offered to get a instruction on growing weed. What’s going on? Let the Typical Student team figure it out for you!


Is It Official?


Yes, the program is officially legalized for the college that is in southern Ontario. However, it’s not available anywhere else in the country. For today, this is the only institution, which takes a part in the session.


Why Niagara College Offers Weed Session?


The place you can become a part of a new cannabis program is named Niagara College. As you may know, soon Canada is going to make pot legal for recreational use. That’s why local students can join many educating cannabis producers. Basically, now, Niagara College offers a one-year certificate in growing pot.


"I never thought five years ago, maybe even two years ago, that we'd be here in this classroom starting a course on commercial cannabis production," said professor Bill MacDonald, the head of Niagara's College's new cannabis program.


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