Canadian Teacher Loses Job After Performing Suggestive Lap Dance During School Pep Rally (VIRAL VIDEO INSIDE)

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The National Post delivers a story of former Winnipeg high school teachers - Chrystie Fitchner and Adeil Ahmed - who participated in a suggestive lap dance during a school pep rally in 2010. Back then, the story was a blast on tabloids, and even made it to the Howard Stern show. After the scandal, Ms Fitchner lost her job and apartment. Reportedly, she has been repeatedly “slut-shamed by strangers” and became suicidal. The Typical Student team learned more about the story.


How Did Teachers Come Up With Mock Lap Dance?




Back in 2010, Ms Fitchner was paired with her colleague Adeil Ahmed, who “had recently joined the school on a short-term contract.” The two were dressed in football uniforms and took part in a dance competition held at Churchill High School  in the school gym against other costumed teachers. Ms Fitchner became extremely anxious about dancing in front of staff and students as there was no dance routine prepared. So, her colleague Ahmed suggested that she should sit in a chair while he danced around her. 





That’s when it all went wrong: Ahmed started grinding against Ms Fitchner, then “simulated performing oral sex on her.” According to Ms Fitchner, she got “caught up in the moment” and started to play along. She was moving to the music in the chair and “encouraging” Ahmed with her hands. When the dace finished, Ms Fitchner realized something was off. After facing extreme outrage from parents and the public, both teachers were suspended. 


Support From Teachers And Students

Ms Fitchner got support from teachers and students who believed that her punishment was extremely severe. The backlash from the incident resulted in depression and literally ruined her career. Fitchner had to move outside Winnipeg, and got substitute teaching jobs in small communities. However, she was unable to find better job options. Only her family brought her peace. 

See the full lap dance video below: 



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