Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

3 years ago



Carleton University campus safety services is warning students to be cautious against e-mails seeking a part-time personal assistant as they are a phishing scam. The Typical Student team learned what students should do.


What To Do If You've Received Part-Time PA E-mails?



If you've received an e-mail with a PA job offer, don’t text the number provided and don’t give out a name or e-mail address. That's what Carleton University safety services said on Wednesday. But what to do if you've already replied? In this case, call the ITS service desk “immediately.” 

Students have to "be wary of unsolicited e-mails seeking personal information or a click on a web link." Also, students shold watch for "attempts to capture passwords, calls for urgent action or clues like subject lines in all capitals or spelling and grammatical errors."


Have There Been Any Victims Of E-mail Scam?



Sadly, there's already been a victim of an e-mail scam. A student from North Dakota lost nearly $4,000 thinking she got a job of a professor's PA at her school.  Student believed that the e-mail looked like it came from another account at her university.  The student believed that the money she was depositing on his behalf was meant to help orphans.


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