FACT OF THE DAY: China Finally Prohibits Teachers from Any Sexual Behaviour with Students

3 years ago



Chinese government finally enacts the first laws targeting sexual abuse and harassment of students in schools, colleges, and campuses. The laws should also protect children and teenagers from suspicious physical contact, suggestive pictures and messages. As expected, the Typical Student team can’t pass by this news.


What Were The Rules Made For?


The new laws were made to prevent teachers from any sex-related behaviour with the students. It protects scholars (primary school and secondary school) and children in kindergartens.

Now any behaviour carried out on minors that are younger than 14 means real sexual harassment. And the decision doesn’t depend on the student’s opinion.

Where Do the Laws Already Work?

August 2018, the fresh Chinese rules against sexual abuse in schools are in effect in the city of Hangzhou. This week, the Hangzhou Xihu District Education Bureau and the Hangzhou Xihu District People's Procuratorate made an official announcement.

What’s Under The New Sexual Abuse in Schools Rules?


These rules make school workers contact school authorities within 6 hours of receiving any report of sexual harassment or other kinds of sex-related intimate behaviour. With it, school authorities have to report the case to their local law enforcement. It must be done within 24 hours.

Are There Any Supporting Options?

Besides, new sex-related law promises to provide the victims of sexual harassment with such things as:

  • judicial assistance; 
  • psychological support;
  • legal aid;
  • medical help, etc.

The Background of The Law


Actually, sexual abuse in Chinese schools has been a huge problem for years. Previously, there were no laws governing the management of sexual abuse cases in schools, though sex with someone younger than 14 is illegal in China. According to the Girls Protection Fund of the China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children, in 2017, teachers and other school staff became the biggest sexual abusive factor against students. The victims were between the ages of 1 - 14!

Needless to say, the new law got its positive feedback immediately.

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